About the USA Ninja Challenge Program

  • Group class

Ninja Challenge is open to boys and girls ages 4 to 17, and is currently opening locations across the country!

There are now several locations in CO, CT, MA, NC, NH, OH, TX, UT, and VA that all offer our awesome ninja program.  Everyone involved is very excited about the possibilities that this program holds.

The program is designed to meet the requirements of a full physical fitness program for today’s youth. We incorporate standard gymnastics apparatus including rings, bars, balance beams and tumbling surfaces. Other specialized ninja training equipment is also used, such as cargo nets, traverse walls, slack lines, ropes, ladders and warp walls.  Each portion of every obstacle course also includes corresponding conditioning and flexibility stations. The desired result of this program is to improve children’s strength, flexibility and all-around athleticism.

Junior Ninja (4-5 year olds) is a lead up to the full-sized obstacles that are used in the Ninja Challenge. 4 and 5 year olds develop their ninja skills with smaller, easy-to-negotiate obstacles until they are ready for the full-scale equipment.

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