USA Ninja Obstacles

Turning Kids into Ninjas One Obstacle at a Time!

USA Ninja Challenge Obstacles

There are six basic categories of Ninja obstacles

These categories were developed to incorporate all of the basic movements and use all of the muscle groups of the human body.


For young children, just learning to jump on two feet at the same time can be quite an accomplishment.  Ninja jumping includes box jumps, long jump, jumping over or onto obstacles, jumping from platform to platform and even from platforms to ropes and cargo nets!


When we (the old-timers) were kids, we practiced climbing trees and fences.  Now, kids involved in Ninja get to climb ropes, cargo nets, peg boards and rock walls.


Swing sets have become a bit boring, so we’ve upped the game to swinging on gymnastics rings, ropes, hanging ladders, hanging nun chucks and parallel bars.


There are a lot of things to traverse across in a Ninja gym:  cargo nets, spotting blocks, rock walls, peg boards, ledges and chimney walls to name a few!


You can balance a budget, balance your check book or even work on a balanced diet, but Ninja programs work on balancing ninjas.  These training activities include balance beams, slack lines and rolling barrels!

Floor skills

This category includes running, block pushing, army crawl and vaulting.  In addition to these floor skills, Ninjas also learn gymnastics tumbling skills so they can look extremely cool while attacking obstacles!

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What’s USA Ninja Challenge About?

The program is designed to meet the requirements of a full physical fitness program for today’s youth. We incorporate standard gymnastics apparatus including rings, bars, balance beams and tumbling surfaces. Other specialized ninja training equipment is also used, such as cargo nets, traverse walls, slack lines, ropes and ladders.

Each portion of every obstacle course also includes corresponding conditioning and flexibility stations. The desired result of this program is to improve children’s strength, flexibility and all-around athleticism.