Turning Kids into Ninjas One Obstacle at a Time!

Welcome to USA Ninja Challenge

USA Ninja Challenge has developed an obstacle course skills program that incorporates basic skill sets from gymnastics, climbing, cross training and track and field.  It is designed to fulfill the physical needs of today’s youth.

As technology increases and children’s physical activity decreases, it is becoming more and more important to get kids involved in activities that influence physical well being.  USA Ninja Challenge understands this need and has created a fun, challenging sport that children are excited about.  Participation in the sport of ninja has seen rapid growth in recent years amongst young adults, but until now kids have had to wait until they are “old enough” to participate.  USA Ninja Challenge is constantly developing obstacles and activities scaled to to fit youth requirements. 

The sport of Ninja offers a fantastic physical fitness component as well as a boost to problem solving.  With its creative thinking aspect, Ninja also helps to sharpen children’s mental abilities.  The mission of USA Ninja Challenge is to provide athletes with a fun, challenging program that focuses on overcoming obstacles, one at a time, to build confidence, self esteem and increase athleticism.


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What’s USA Ninja Challenge About?

The program is designed to meet the requirements of a full physical fitness program for today’s youth. We incorporate standard gymnastics apparatus including rings, bars, balance beams and tumbling surfaces. Other specialized ninja training equipment is also used, such as cargo nets, traverse walls, slack lines, ropes and ladders.

Each portion of every obstacle course also includes corresponding conditioning and flexibility stations. The desired result of this program is to improve children’s strength, flexibility and all-around athleticism.