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It is not about winning a medal

It is not about winning a medal

August 18, 2022
Article by: USA Ninja Challenge

From our Ninja Katy Gym:

The young girl had reached the final obstacle of the ninja competition, the 10-foot warped wall. With chants of “Beat that Wall, Beat that Wall” behind her, she charges the wall and just misses grasping the top of the platform. With a huge smile on her face, she is enveloped by her fellow competitors in a group hug. She shines with accomplishment. Next time she grins, “I’ll beat that wall.” She’ll be back.

What sets her apart from the child who misses and quits? We can look to the environment coaches and parents create for their budding athletes. Coaches and parents need to create a healthy environment for a child to participate in and develop a “growth mindset”.

In the linked article, authors Thomas Pielech and Susan Schmaeling, provide insights into developing a growth mindset with your child. This article appears in the journal of the International Association of Child Development Programs. Thomas Pielech is a Guiding Light member of the Association. More info on the association can be found at

 At USA Ninja Challenge Katy we understand that the abilities of every child can be developed through dedication, hard work, and positive encouragement.