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What makes us unique? Our Ninja Program!

What makes us unique? Our Ninja Program!

November 8, 2022
Article by: USA Ninja Challenge

Inspiring kids to lead a more active life!  That’s our passion here at USA Ninja Challenge.


Our program is fun, interactive and most of all, challenging!  


Our obstacle course training program blends basic skill sets from gymnastics, climbing, cross training, and track and field for non-stop action. There’s never a dull moment in our gym and kids hardly notice that they’re exercising. And because it is fun, kids stay with it. The number one reason children quit a sports program is because it’s no longer fun to them. We keep the fun going strong with engaging classes designed by our ninja certified instructors.  They coaches assist the kids through the classes assessing and pushing the kids to progress.  


The fun comes not only with the obstacles, but with the camaraderie the kids develop in the gym.  They compete against each other as well as cheer everyone on as they participate in our classes.  Not only do we teach ninja skills, but we also teach life skills, from how to listen, how to show respect and most of all, instilling confidence in our ninjas!


Our program at USA Ninja Challenge uses a progression based, class-based model. The class program has six levels to master, and each level has 27 different skills. Every obstacle can be adjusted to a more difficult level so every ninja can be challenged based on their own ability. Ninjas that demonstrate their mastery of skills advance to the next level of training on their own timeline. This system helps students progressively build their skill levels and ensures that they are challenged and thriving. Upon completing a level, the ninja is awarded a special shirt in a color that represents the level accomplished.  There is no better feeling for the kids than putting on their new level shirts!