Paris Olympic Pentathlon
2024 Fundraiser

We're partnering with the Olympic Pentathlon Committee to fundraise for the 2024 Olympic Pentathlon Games!
If you are here to donate under a ninja's name, simply click the "Donate Now" button below.

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If you are a Ninja Fundraiser, follow these steps:

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Here is everything you need to get started!
Fundraising begins April 8th. Tallying for fundraising awards occurs on May 17th. Any additional donations after that date are welcome but will not be included in your total.
Register at RallyUp with your Ninja's name and gym location! CLICK HERE
Email or text your family and friends this link:
Download your Olympic Donation Flyer HERE!

Fundraising Prizes

Earn Olympic prizes as you raise funds through the levels.
   • Level 1 ($100):  Olympic Pentathlon Pin
   • Level 2 ($200):  Olympic Pentathlon Medallion + Level 1
   • Level 3 ($300):  Olympic Pentathlon Team Backpack + Level 1 + Level 2
Top Fundraiser
   • Overall Top Fundraiser ages 6 - 11:  USANC/Olympic Swag-bag including:
       • Ninja Shoes
       • Ninja Pants 
       • 2024 New Design USANC Hoody
       • 2024 New Design Ninja T-Shirt
       • USANC Wristband
       • USANC Keychain
       • 2024 Olympic Themed Gear
   • Overall ages 12 - 18:  Trip to Colorado Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs (For details refer to the Olympic Training Center Experience in the "Compete" menu.)
Top Gym
   • Top Fundraising Gym:  The gym that raises the most funds will win $1,000 worth of advanced obstacles for their facility.