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According a recent study presented by the National Institute of Health, the percentage of children who are diagnosed with obesity and mental health disorders has increased to devastating numbers across the United States and throughout the world. Children who aren't active in regular daily play and sports seem to be the most susceptible to these problems.

USA Ninja Challenge created an engaging activity model that aligns with the Center For Disease Control's physical activity guidelines for children from the ages 6 - 17 as seen here:

According to the
State of Play 2021 Report on kids activity, during the year 2020, youth activity increased by 3.5% even during the pandemic!  Similar trends are being seen in 2021, making a turn in the right direction.

Our customers love USA Ninja Challenge because we provide a progressive physical training regimen that accommodates each child’s individual ability and skill level. As children grow and master the different ninja obstacle levels, parents see changes in their child’s emotional and physical well-being. Typical household incomes range from 65-200K per year. Our customers highly value physical exercise and structured workouts for themselves and their children. We encourage our franchisees to ambitiously reach out to their local neighborhoods, schools, and organizations to establish an appreciative customer base. Our customers enjoy the value we bring to the community and see the future vision for the foundation we’ve built.
Why USA Ninja Challenge Has The Edge

Progressive Training Program -
The unique, progressive training system challenges children to overcome obstacles, one at a time. The level system and extensive curriculum keep children from ages 2.5 - 17 engaged for years, creating customers for life.

Proprietary Intellectual Property - USA Ninja Challenge has invested in creating its own online systems for student skills progression tracking as well as customer procurement and management flow.

Coach Training and Support - USANC will provide you and your coaches with essential training and ongoing support so that your ninjas progress through the program properly. This creates happy parents that become your raving fans.
USA Ninja Challenge Core Skill Sets
Jumping Ninja
Ninja jumping includes box jumps, long jump, jumping over or onto obstacles, jumping from platform to platform and even from platforms to ropes and cargo nets!
Climbing Ninja
Kids involved in Ninja get to climb ropes, cargo nets, peg boards, rock walls, devil steps and warped walls.
Swinging Ninja
Swing sets have become a bit passé, so we've upped the game to swinging on gymnastics rings, ropes, hanging ladders, hanging nunchucks, cannonballs, monster doors and wind chimes!
Traversing Ninja
There are a lot of things to traverse across in a Ninja gym: cargo nets, spotting blocks, rock walls, peg boards, ledges and chimney walls to name a few!
Balancing Ninja
One of our top priorities is to develop well-balanced ninjas. These training activities include balance beams, slacklines, teeter-totters and rolling barrels!
Crawling Ninja
Floor Skills
This category includes running, block pushing, and vaulting. In addition to these skills, Ninjas also learn basic tumbling skills to enhance agility and so they can look extremely cool while attacking obstacles!
What Owners Are Saying!
"Our USA Ninja Challenge franchise has been an excellent experience. Parents like that we are a positive experience for their children. They see their children having fun while increasing their physical fitness. The professional design and installation of the ninja equipment also provide parents the confidence to sign their children up for our classes. Parents and children’s jaws drop when they come in through the front door and see our facility.

In deciding to open a franchise, the low start-up cost was important. It greatly reduced our sense of risk and convinced my wife and me to move forward with the franchise. We have been open just over two months and we feel that we are already on a pathway to success."
Thomas Pielech, USA Ninja Challenge – Katy
"Thank you USA Ninja Challenge Franchising for an AMAZING first week of opening! I never imagined that I would own a business that would bring me to tears of joy as I watch a child do more than they realized they could; watch a child who is having a hard time in school gain confidence in the gym; watch a child who excels at every sport be challenged in our gym. This is really the reward for all the hard work.

This week I have heard parents say that they have never seen their child so happy in a class before. I've heard parents comment on how much nicer our facility is than many other places they've taken their children. I heard comments on how it was one of the best birthday parties they've seen put on! Best of all, I heard them comment on how great our trainers were and how well run everything was. I am so proud to be part of USA Ninja Challenge!!"
Amy Harley, USA Ninja Challenge - North Andover, MA
"My partners and I are the owners of a USA Ninja Challenge franchise. Since the day we met the founders, they have given us the support and information needed to open and run a successful business. The USA Ninja Challenge program is second to none. Their experience shows in the organization and in the attention to the detail they provide. We are so happy with the program and the immediate success we are feeling since opening two years ago. We are excited to see the growth in this business for many years to come and can’t wait to open our next location."
Wendy McGinnis, USA Ninja Challenge – South Windsor & Southington, CT